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Default Significant Impacts

So if you aren't aware I got hit by a car while riding my bike this past monday, after inflicting considerable damage to the car, doing first aid on myself, taking control of the situation and getting myself to the hospital I didn't feel half bad.

None of the areas which came into contact with the car have any soreness or pain of any kind. But here's the kicker, about 2 hours prior I did CrossFit's "On the Minute Pull-Up" workout if you know what I'm talking about. Now since the morning after the accident I have been feeling like I've done about 8000 pull-ups, my lats are swollen, and I have some terrible elbow tendonitis and forearm swelling.

I feel great other than the fact that I feel like a guy who spent 2 days doing max sets of max pull-ups. I am thinking that whether it was a GTO response or not when I received the impact the force affected my previously worked muscles in a way I wish they hadn't.

Been soaking in cold water, icing, doing some pnf strectching to prevent shortening because I'm having a hard time straightening my arms. Opinions...
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