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Thursday 5/31/2007

- 5 minutes on the elliptical machine
- Joint mobility

- Last few reps went up fine, but were a little slow
- Probably cycle back down next week and start buiding back up
- I battled tendonitis for 6 months, so I don't want to push it too hard

Bent-Over Row: 185x4x4
- For some reason, I don't do 8x2 on these

- C&J, 100x8
- 1 pullup
- C&J, 100x7
- 2 pullups
- repeat this pattern until you do one C&J and eight pullups

- Based on a recent WOD
- I did the pullups strict and used a short barbell for the lifts
- Less weight would have made for better metcon
- Just went for completion and hard effort, so no time

Sit-up with bar behind head: 45x2x3
- These are hard as hell, like a total torso destroyer
- I anchor the feet, so there's a lot of hip flexor and stabilizer involvement

Regular sit-up: 50
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