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Originally Posted by Robb Wolf View Post
MUCH improved! Two things I'd recommend:
1-get "very" tight. You have quite a bit of wiggle when standing between reps. Get tight and stay tight...that wiggle is what will drop numbers and lead to injury.

2-make sure the hips are not going up before the bar. I know the cue is "drive the hips up" but that must be in concert with the shoulder/bar complex going up...or a heavier weight will cause you to face plant. Again, remaining tight will help this but think about the whole operation going up at the same time.
Keep us posted!

Hello Rob thanks for the excellent cues I must say that this is the best source for technique issues on the web,I made sure I stayed as tight as I could squatting tonight and I am amazed that it made the whole squat feel so much easier, I am really glad to be a part of this site, everyone here has helped so much and I thank all for your input!!! if it was possible to Email you all a round of beers I sure would!! And you can bet that I will keep you all posted.Thanks again guys
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