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Saturday 6/2/2007

Felt a little stiff this AM, but it worked itself out once I got up and got moving.

Warm-Up: 5 minute treadmill walk, then joint mobility

Deadlift: 355x8x2
- I pause, step away from the bar, and reset for each rep

Weighted Pullup: 45x8x2
- Stay at this weight for at least one more week

Heavyhands walk on treadmill
- 10# DBs, 5% incline, 4 mph, 10 minutes
- alternate curls, curl and press, and quick snatches

Standing ab pullovers: 100x10 110x10
- This is a WSB exercise done on a cable machine
- Stand, hold the bar behind your head, and bend at the waist
- I was in a hurry to leave, so I cut this exercise short

This was my second week with 355 on the deadlift, and everything went up just fine. That said, I think I'll try 360x10x1 for next week. Now that the weights are getting a little heavy, 8x2 is almost too much volume for deadlifts. Ten total reps should still be enough to give a good stimulus.
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