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Originally Posted by Daniel Myers View Post
Thanks, Dave. I've heard so many good things about Practical Programming I really ought to pick up a copy.

I used 5x5 for almost all of last year, including the Texas method, though I didn't know it by that name. At the start of last year, I had just finished graduate school, and I'd lost my focus and a lot of my strength (which wasn't that great to begin with). I decided it was time to quit screwing around and actually get strong, so I looked on the internets and found a routine by some dude named Bill Starr. It was a basic version of the Texas method, with squat, bench, and power clean. It was very similar to the Madcow routine you linked, with a little more assistance work.

I stayed with 5x5 until I finally just got burned out doing fives and decided to try other schemes. It worked well, though, so I'm sure I'll return to it eventually.

good to hear it. You might look into ladders, several folks on this board and over at P&B have used them in lieu of 5's to allow higher percentages and to avoid burnout.

Good luck to you.
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