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^Thanks John, my wife and I came up with that name for our garage gym awhile back, thought it was funny. Glad you thought so too.

Catching up from the weekend.
June 1-Got home from work late, and I had a going away party to throw for my best friend, bummed out about it, but didn't get to workout (should have got my butt outta bed that morning).

June 2- Went on a great Mountain Bike ride. I don't mess with heart rate monitors or any BS like that anymore, but I pushed as hard as I could on the climbs (and I was on my 38# freeride bike, which feels like pedalling a sherman tank), and had a blast, and felt strong. 3 hours total.

June 3- Garage Gym workout
Warmup- 3 rds.: 5X ring dips- 10X PVC deadlifts- 15X situps- 15X 35# KB swings

Workout- Strength
8X 1 rep Deadlift 165-175-185-195-185-185-185-185
5X5 Deadlift @ 145#

Afterwards did a little skill work circuit of one-legged box jumps at 20 inches and L-sits from the rings. First time doing the one-legged jumps, but after the deadlifts, wow, they had to be doing something good .
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