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Exclamation Mass gain, cholesterol, statins, and steroids

Thought this article was interesting...

From the conclusions:

* With regards to muscle hypertrophy, It is a good idea to follow a high cholesterol diet (at least 3 whole eggs a day).
* This is especially true if your training is both intense and traumatic.
* Be careful during a low calorie diet as cholesterol intake usually is reduced during this period.
* Cholesterol level tends to decline in summer, so be careful at that time, too.
* Whole eggs are very appropriate and recommended following a workout.
* Steroid users should closely monitor their blood cholesterol level as a decrease may reduce muscle growth.
* Steroid users with high cholesterol levels should consult a physician and may consider the use of statin drugs in order to grow even more rapidly.
While I totally agree with a majority of the dietary recommendations (I had my two raw eggs in my PWO shake this morning, it was a rare morning were I actually was feeding around my workout), I have to wonder if BBers realize that they are actually TRYING to kill themselves with the latter advice (take steroids, get really high cholesterol, then take statins to reduce the cholesterol AND increase muscle damage to stimulate hypertrophy). I'd be very interested to see what their blood markers of inflammation are.

Love to hear more feedback on this subject...
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