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Gordo has a page on his website which I consider Mandatory Reading for anyone considering making a change to their diet. I have used it with many people in the last 3 years. Just in case anyone hasn't read it here it is.

The only problem I personally will have with your S B R in one day idea is that I will not be able to easily split it up in to 3 different time slots. I don't have access to a shower at work so a run during lunch is out. I will have to try and find the closest pool, I could see an early AM bike, a lunch swim with an evening run.

If I could make that happen 1 day a week I could do a long ride on Sat AM with a follow up ride Sat PM and a bike - run brick Sun AM (90) and PM (60). I will still need to pick up another swim but it should work out pretty well.

I am getting ready for vacation which means no lifting for 10 days, just swimming and easy running. I am pretty stoked. I will be laying out my training schedule while I am away and plan on starting 2 weeks from now. Thanks for lots of great ideas in this thread.
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