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Default Client with stroke

Id like to recommend crossfit to someone, but am not familiar with how to train someone who is:

1. 60 years old and

2. Suffered a pretty bad stroke about 3-4 years ago.

The extent of personal training I have is teaching/leading karate classes to kids between 4 to 17 years old. The kids were healthy, fit and could usually take on whatever workout I would throw at them. Id really like to help this friend with crossfit, but I also do not want to further harm him by inducing another stroke via the metcon-type workouts.

The stroke did leave some permanent damage to one side of his body. However, he has no joint or mobility problems. Also, his weight is pretty good considering his height and age. And, though hes never really followed a formal workout routine, he stays active by playing golf (hes pretty good at it). Im comfortable with slowly teaching and tailoring the moves for him and putting him through some basic calisthenics. Beyond that Im not sure where to go or how to introduce some metcon WODs.

Do you have any suggestions or advice? At this point, would crossfit help to strengthen his heart?

Oh, I should mention that altough he's eating better quality food nowadays, it'll be next to impossible to get him off his Korean diet.
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