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Tuesday 6/5/2007

Get Warm

Squat: 285x6x2
- failed on the last rep

One-arm DB press: 60x8x2 x each arm
- stay at this weight for next week

Full squats: 135x30/20/10
- done as a conditioning exercise
- about a minute between each set

Twisting sit-up: 25 x each side + 20 x right side
- Trying a few extra reps for the right side to correct an aesthetic imbalance

Failing on the squats was a little disappointing, but I'm feeling like I've reached the end of a cycle and its time to dial it back down. I really wanted to work up to 300 pounds by the end of the month, but right now I'm more concerned with making steady progress and especially avoiding injuries. I estimate that 285 is about 90% of my max, so I can drop 20 or 30 pounds and still be at a good productive load.

I started my current cycle in mid-April with 250x8x2 and added 5 pounds per week, so I really can't complain about my progress for this round. I just have a tendency to be greedy with my poundages, and I have to learn the hard way that slow and steady is how you add weight.

I decided to do the high rep squats after suggesting them to Yael in her log. I didn't really have a set goal in mind, I just threw 135 on, stepped back, and started squatting. They were too light to really be classic breathing squats -- where you take several deep breaths between each rep -- but it was still pretty damn hard. I haven't squatted high reps above ten in a while, and I was surprised by the effect I felt in my upper body from staying tight and supporting the bar. There's probably an article to be written on a "Squats and Squats Alone" workout.

I bet I could sell that one to T-Nation.
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