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Default Sets / Reps and Rest

I have been playing around with my sets / reps / rest during my O-Lift training and have a couple of questions. Here is what I did today all weight in Lb's so I don't get credit for more weight than I deserve .

Snatch 45 X 3, 65 X 3, 70 X 3, 75 X 3, 80 X 3, 85 X 3, 90 X 1, M, 1, 1, 1
Clean and Jerk 90 X 3, 115 X 1, 1, 1, 125 X 1, 1, 135 X 1, 1

Burgener warm up, 22 Snatches and 10 C and J's took me almost 1 hour exactly.


1) How much time do you take between reps? I think in competition if you miss it there is a minimum of 1 minute before you can try again. Once the weight starts to get heavy do you wait at least a minute before you go again?

2) In an article I read from USAW it talked about WFW doing 20 / 10 snatches and cleans. This seemed like a good number so I worked towards that. How do you guys split up your snatches versus cleans?

3) Do you ever train the lifts separately? I know in competition the lifts are always contested together.

4) When doing triples at lighter weights do you reset completely between each rep. What I mean is I do the lift, put the weight down, step back take a breath, grab the bar reset and do it again 2 more times. This whole process takes a couple of minutes for me to do 3 reps.
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