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Josh Petersen
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June 5 Workout:

Mountain bike ride- 2 hours
Rode Moose Hollow, a ride that starts with a ridiculously steep climb, and then consists of 90 minutes of slow, techy downhill (hopping logs, jumping over creeks, and other tomfoolery). At the end is a sweet section of singletrack with three foot grass on both sides. Beautiful riding.

I pushed as hard as I could on the steep sections of the climb, and got in some recovery by spinning easy on the "less steep" sections. Pedalling a 37# freeride bike is a good workout though . At the end of the climb, it goes from very steep to "oh my gawd." Still haven't cleaned the oh my gawd, but got about 20 feet closer last night. Thinking two more weeks.

It is raining like hell here today. Looks like a good night to hit the garage, and move some weight around .
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