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Default hooah pt hooah

This started with this thread about training up for an upcoming APFT

Long story short, it's one month away and I wasn't sure quite where to go, how to taper my training for that goal. Robb was nice enough to help. So, here's what I did this evening:

2 minutes pushups (to gauge %s for GTG): 64

4x400m repeats (w/4:00 minutes rest in between)
1 - 1:31 (had to dodge a kid in that ran in my way)
2 - 1:32
3 - 1:32
4 - 1:31

A few sets of pullups & chinups, avoiding failure.

My thoughts: I was disappointed with my numbers. I ran faster 400s (by 5 seconds) in the past month, but it was on a different track. I am totally unaccustomed to the 4 minutes of rest. Usually only stand around feeling miserable for two minutes between intervals, but this provides a lot better recovery. The pushups, while lower than my last PT test max, were, as far as I could tell, flawless in form. I took my time, relatively speaking, and I think I could have pumped out a couple more if I had rushed the last few. Overall, it's a good starting point I think.
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