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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
usually with classic weightlifting (sans anabolic agents), you don't get hugely muscular bodies--training in that 1-3 rep range is nearly all neurological development. the lifters you see who are huge are a) genetically pre-disposed to be muscular; b) tend to do more building work such as 5s and 6s (there are some lifters at the OTC who sometimes do 10s in the squat--why, I couldn't tell you); and/or c) on drugs. plus these guys early in their careers move into their final weight classes and then must continue making strength gains without getting any heavier.
So Greg, would you put 5s in a more building than strengthening rep range? I thought 5s were a good median between the two extremes. That is, you might build more size with 5s than with 2s, but you'd be building muscle of still a high quality, unlike, say, in sets of 8 or 12.
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