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Allen I did just that. Thanks for reminding me I forgot to post this morning. This is inside my standard deviation when I train hard in BJJ the day before a weigh in. I am surprised but even with consuming large amounts of liquids and eating well I still drop around 3 - 4 Lb's in a 2:30 hour session of grappling. I weighed in Sunday morning and was at 190.3 with a 10.1% BF.

BW 187.9 Lb's
BF 9.7%

I am losing fat and maintaining my current weight. I bought some new 34 waist board shorts and they are baggy! My wife told me yesterday that I need to not lose any more weight. I told her we would be ok.

I am hoping that over the course of the next 10 days I can put on a couple of Lb's so I will have a little extra mass to work with when I get home.
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