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Today I did 20 pushups every 45 minutes or so, and I figure I might have missed one session, but at least 300 total pushups for the day. By the end of the day, I was definitely starting to feel it, but it was hard not to push until failure. I realized that I have never really trained pushups at a submaximal level.

At the gym I did 8x3 Bent-over rows. I have not done these for a long time and was surprised at how weak I was. I did them pretty slowly, trying to get full ROM. Weights for the eight sets were:

I followed that up with four sets of pullups and then I worked sort of an impromptu core circuit using the ab wheel, back extensions, and situps on a decline bench.

Tomorrow I'll run 2 miles in the morning and do around 25 pushups at probably closer to one hour intervals. I have to drive 3 or four hours, so I will have to adjust somewhat or just pull onto the shoulder when my timer goes off and do the pushups on the top of the Subaru.
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