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Saturday 6/9/2007

Get Warm

Deadlift: 360x10x1
- Fairly easy, a drop in total volume from last week
- Working on keeping the back flat and arched during the pull

Pullup: 45x8x2
- Also easy
- Stay at 45 for one more week, then move up

Standing Ab Pullovers: 200x3x10
- Used a double pulley machine, so it felt more like 100

Twisting Sit-Up: 25x right side

Obliques and lower back were pretty sore from the side bends on Thursday.

I didn't do any conditioning work because I wanted to take it easier this week. Been feeling a little stiffness in the shoulder and elbows, but nothing serious. I think I can get a few more weeks on this deadlift cycle before I drop the weight back down. I may try 370x10x1 next week. Adding 10 pounds is closer to the 2.5% increase that I've seen recommended, but I don't want to get greedy.
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