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Catching up from the weekend:

Friday the 8th- Travel day, took the day off working out. Much needed too, I think.

Saturday the 9th- 3 hours of bike riding in the morning, 1 hour in the evening.

Rode mountain bikes at the 18 road area in Fruita. The riding there consists of short, very steep climbs and super fun descents on some of the thinnest, most amazingly buffed singletrack you can imagine.

I last road those trails in 2002, and at the time, was a crappy cat 4 road racer (I trained my ass off, just wasn't very good). My training at the time consisted of riding my road bike 20 hours a week, and that was pretty much it. 5 years later, I don't ride my bike nearly as much (5-8 hours a week, with no structure to the rides, except having fun and pushing hard). I was without a doubt much faster than I was last time, and that is going from a 22 pound hardtail to a 36 pound freeride bike with heavy tires.

I attribute the increased speed (and quick recovery from hard efforts) to the "off the bike" training that I have been doing the last year. Especially on the "uber steep" sections, I have power I never had before, and can replicate the effort within a few seconds. Kick ass.

Sunday- Did a 1 hour ride before hitting the road to come back to Salt Lake.

Great weekend for me mentally, nice to get a way with my wife for a couple of days. Excited to get into the garage tonight and do a strength workout. very motivated for a Monday. Might have gained a pound from drinking a few too many beers, but when you leave "Zion" and they have adult beer on tap, it is hard to resist a few extras .
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