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Originally Posted by Yael Grauer View Post
Does anybody know what to do for the opposite problem? My friend who does massage told me that I have an overpronounced lordotic arch. I think he said that this is why my hips are so tight and my lower back is tight leading to upper back and neck pain, but I was having trouble memorizing the five zillion new stretches he gave me. Apparently every single part of my body needs tons of work (and hearing that really helps me concentrate on holding myself in the utmost positive regard and put my attention on all of the ways that I am perfect and already doing everything just right, in order to follow a thread of positivity that will continue to deepen my excellence). Anyway, since I think this arch thing is the root of all the problems, I thought I'd tackle that one first (that and trying to relax my neck...) Any suggestions? Also, are foam rollers the best alternative to getting chiropracty, massage, etc. etc. every single week forever?


Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey have a series of articles over at T-nation titled "Neanderthal No More" parts I - V and it addresses the different types of common posture problems and their solutions for them. It is pretty lengthy but I think well worth the read.

I love my foam roller and tennis ball for soft tissue work, how that compares to professional I have no idea but even if you were getting regular massage I would see SMR as a great add on to that.
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