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I experienced this pheneomenon last summer. The training schedule was different: It was two days on, one day off, but with workouts from 2 to 3 hours long, sometimes longer, doing a lot of volume in pulls, presses, and oly lifts. I gained 7-10 kilos in a couple months (85-95).

But there is a question as to how sustainable this sort of thing is. Anybody can train themselves into the ground for two weeks. People who have been training hard for a couple years can repeat it a couple times. But then what? How do you keep the muscle mass and the strength that you built by jacking up the volume and intensity when you your one to five months of tolerance for that kind of training are up? Within a few months, my strength gains stagnated and my body weight fell back to 85 kilos; fortunately, I kept some of the strength. Right now I am trying to take a more gradual and balanced approach to developing tolerance for sustained volume and intensity (more, shorter workouts; more rep range variation).
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