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Originally Posted by thomas beasley View Post
What is the general consensus when performing a snatch, or clean and jerk, do the majority perform a full movement or a partial "power" movement? I.E (squat) clean and jerk or power clean and jerk; a snatch or power snatch.

The reason I started thinking about this was when I watch a video from one of the CrossFit affiliates who had posted a group work out/ instructional video on YouTube. The move in question was a KB snatch. The Kb snatch was in a complex, and appeared to be a power snatch because there was only a 1/4 squat (if that).

When performing complexes, is it better to perform the full range of motion or a "power" variation on a snatch or c&j?

Lastly , when working with dumbbells, what is your preferred racked position?
Using power movements with dumbbells is no less desireable than using them with a barbell. As Greg mentioned, it depends on the your objective for the session and how you are mixing it with other movements in your complex or workout. In short, do both versions
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