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Good post, MOD.
I really love not having to be in any particular performance shape. The freedom is great.

Here is what I have been doing since mid April. In that time, I have leaned out a lot (15 pounds or 2 inches in the waist) eating 90% Paleo and IFing 3-5 days a week for approx. 17 hours. When I cheat, it is usually with wine, chocolate, and cheese. Since my wife sales wine, it keeps the family life sane.

2X a week: —A1: Push (standing press or ring dips) 5 sets of 3-5 reps
A2: Pull (Weighted Pull-ups or DB rows) 5 sets of 3-5 reps
1 minute rest between A1 and A2 (I stole this from Ross Enamait and Mike Mahler)

—B1: Deadlift (or Squat)5X 3-5 reps (from Robb's article in May PM)
B2: Hanging leg raise, Knee-to-elbows, or 60 sec planks
1 minute rest between B1 and B2

—5 minute finisher (set timer and go for it): sledge hammer, ball slam, ball toss, KB swings, or sprints.

1-2X a week: a metcon workout from Coach Rut, Crossfit, Ross Enamait, or a dumbbell complex I make up or steal from someone who stole it from someone else, etc.
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