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Thursday 6/14/2007

Warm Up

Bench Press: 190x8x2
- felt good and strong
- stayed tight and stable for the whole lift

Bent-Over Row: 165x3x8
- just decided to do higher reps this week

DB Hammer Curl: 45x8x2 x each arm
- felt strong on this one too
- stay at 45 for a few more weeks

Sit-Up: 45x3x5

Twisting Sit-Up: 25 x right side

Overall, a solid session. Tuesday's workout was a little blah, so I was pleased to show up and kill some good weights. Also, I feel that my bench technique is coming together. I need to focus on lowering the bar under control, and then pushing up hard and evenly with both arms, while keeping the shoulders tight.

I only started seriously benching last year, and then immediately got shoulder tendonitis. I started working the bench again back in March, with a focus on staying tight, keeping the shoulder blades together, and building the weight up gradually. That's finally starting to pay off, and I'm currently the strongest I've ever been on the movement.
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