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Originally Posted by William Hunter View Post
I believe the P&B link was Mr. Shafley as well. The "sled draggin' might be in the picture if you manage to grow a d*#k" quote sealed it for me.

Quick question, as I've just been playing around with these as well. Shaf detailed a 4x per week routine where each exercise is worked once, where others are concentrating on 1-2 exercises, performed 2-3 x per week. Has anyone tried both of these methods? I've usually done better with high frequency training (3x per week per movement). I'm wondering how many ladders I can squeeze into a session. Is 3 too many? I'm tinkering with Press, L-PU and Squats M-W-F, kind of a bastardized version of Rip's SS.
I have used ladders in place of 5's. as littleas one day adn as many as three times a week. If I am looking to get 3 sets of 5 across (15 reps total) or even 5 sets across (25 reps) I replace the 5's with ladders of 1,2,3 sometimes 4~shooting for the approximaltey same number of reps so 1,2,3 reps, 3 times through, 18 reps. I have found this enables me to get similar quality work as 3 sets of 5 across but at slightly higher percentages, I can usually stay at about 85% of 1RM with ladderrs as opposed to sets of 5 across at 80% of 1RM.

At the start of this thread.. the woman I'm talking about was able to use ladders of 1,2,3 x 3 at percentages that were even higher, only adding weight when she made all 18 reps.
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