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Burpees x60seconds
Crunchies x60sec
dive bomber push up x60 sec
lunges x60sec
band pulls (just like med ball slam) x60sec

3 rounds
buprees- 18, 15, 17

divebombers- 12, 10, 12

Workout today
Body weight strength
evil wheel session plus ab circuit in the am

A1 One-Arm push ups practice (various degrees of assistance)-4x6
A2 Glute Hammie lowers (ouch)-4x9

B1 negative only chins-3x15
B2 One legged squats (no assistance) 4x6

C1 Body weight rows 4x9 slow
C2 Band Good mornings 3x15

D1 Bar dips 2x20
D2 Calf raises with band 2x20
“Our doubts are traitors,
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By fearing to attempt.”
-William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure
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