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Saturday 6/16/2007

On vacation in Durango, CO. My wife ran the Steamworks Animas Valley half marathon, and I tagged along. The runners met at a local sports club, went by bus to the starting line, and then ran back to the club. I stayed and did my session while she ran. I had a lot of time, so this was a very leisurely paced workout -- took about two hours total.

Warm Up and Joint Mobility

Deadlift: 365x1 385x1 405x1
- 405 is a new PR, and my first deadlift over 400
- finished with some reps at 315 with a hook grip

Pull-ups: 45x8x2
- move up to 50 next week

Row 5000 meters

Side Bends: 110x2x8 x each side

Twisting Sit-Up: 3x10x each side + 10 x right side

I didn't plan for this to be a max effort deadlift day, but I pulled 365 and it felt good, so I decided to try some heavier singles. At the beginning of the year, I set a 400 pound deadlift as one of my major goals -- I've now achieved it. If anything, I might have been good for a little more.

After the max, I tried some easier reps at 315 with a hook grip. I'm a little concerned about the slight spinal displacement you get from a mixed grip. No serious problems, but the hook grip might be the better choice as I move into higher weights. Does anybody have tips on transitioning from the mixed grip to a hook?

All in all, an excellent session. Gives me confidence about how I've been training for the past few months, and sets me up for the new cycle I'm starting.
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