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Wow, I stung a few workouts in one week, Amazing. Anway, My days were monday, wednesday, and friday. If my schedule allows I will keep the same days and throw in some active rest days like kb work or ring work. Another good sign is that our internet situation may have finally cleared up, so regular posting should add to the motivation.


BS 225x 8,7,5
Close Grip Bench 185x5,5,5
Skull Crushers 95x8,8,8

BS 225x8,8,7
Shoulder Press 120x5,5,5 (my wt on press' has droped like a rock-down from 135x5)
Kb Press 53x8,7,7,5,5 each arm


BS 230x8,8,8
Close Grip Bench 185x5,5,5
alt. w/straight bar curl 80x15
Skull Crushers 95x8,8,8

Hope next week goes as well!!!
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