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first, congratulations to elliot for his hard work, determination, and willingness to learn this sport. i believe his efforts are paying off rather quickly! while the numbers are already improving significantly, its how the lifts are performed at this point that is important, laying the foundation to apply all the strnegth and power that can be built. proper biomechanics is vital for so many reasons - safety, proper development and growth of muscles and joints involved, as well as the abiltiy to exhibit full power into the desired athletic perfromance.

as to my experience and awards, it 28 years now and going strong, pun intended. i am 2003 World Masters Champion, 6 time and current pan am masters champ and cj recordholder - 154 cj @105 bdwt, 49 years old, tho my national record in that class is 158. i am now attacking the 50+ records in the 105+ dovision, with 114/156 done already this year for NE records, and have had National records 122/163 overhead twice for close misses (arghhh!). while i am focussing on coaching more now, the need to succeed never goes away:-)

please ask away any questions or discussions you'ld like, im happy to have this opprtunity to share my experiences here. and yes, i clean pulled 220 and fr sqautted 175 last week, and elliot i finally recovered! snatch 100 for 10 singles today.-g
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