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David Wood
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I've done a fair amount of Feldenkrais work over the years, both the classes ("Awareness Through Movement") and the hands-on work with a practicioner ("Functional Integration").

I've loved it . . . but I'm not sure I would pay for it. I definitely walk around looser and taller after a session, but it doesn't seem to "last" . . . even paying attention as best I can, I seem to lose the benefits fairly quickly.

That may just be me and my over-stressed, hyperstimulated life ... your mileage may vary. Again, I love what it does to me and for me, but I've never been able to "integrate" the learning and make the new feeling permanent. I keep telling myself "when I retire . . . "

It's not what you asked, but if I had money to pay for bodywork, I would do Rolfing ("Structural Integration") (yes, all these names sound pretty similar). I found that to produce profound change that didn't need to be constantly attended to for fear of losing it.
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