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thank you for that, I figured someone smarter than I would come to the rescue on the GTO subject! And ahhhhhh ya, the laps of judgement on the urine thing thankfully didn't cost me too much, for which I am thankful. I like my kidneys thanks, I should have known better, I know the symptoms well enough.

I guess I have to get to know them a bit better yet.

I know I'm stepping into this one but I still can't pull on anything with any kind of effect. Dudes, ladies I'm sorry no matter how I worded that it was going to sound wrong! My point being that I didn't train much this summer because I was on the road so much and had begun to fall into piss poor state of conditioning. So now taking it easy in order to heal while I have all the time in the world to train is going to drive me nuts...

I take solice in this one fact, my squats which were once PISS POOR. Are now not quite as piss poor! I have back squat 112kg and front squat 110, which is far better than I had previously been able to do. For a while my FS was better than my BS.

I will take a week off and just eat like an idiot, after which point I will ween myself back into the heavy lifting and wods!
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