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Default Six weeks in!

six weeks in I weighed 218 this morning (down from 242), w.o.d.s continue to improve, still don't feel gassed. Have really lost the desire to cheat with the snack machine, although I really haven't fine tuned my diet 85-90% paleo still drink some beer on the weekends have a burger or so stay away from the fries. Here is what I am doing

6:00 am 4 eggs couple pieces of bacon maybe some blueberries

10:00 am almonds or peanuts need to ditch the peanuts

12:00 pm a good helping of lean meat 4-6 0z, 3-4 cups of green beans, or some mixed berries

2:00 pm maybe some almonds not always tend to get addicted

drink diet drinks and water throughout the day know I need to quit the sodas!

I would really like to thank everyone for there info still have about 30lbs of fat to reach my goal, but this is one of the easiest lifestyle changes I have ever made and I still basically have fun on the weekends and haven't slacked up in the gym!! thanks again!
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