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I've been so busy, I've been doing a terrible job keeping this updated (as in I haven't been updating it at all). Fortunately, I have been following the plan, adjusted some for the travel time. GTG pushups were tough! I can't imagine how hard Pavel's version would have been, but after the 50% day, I was starting to get elbow pain and backed off some. Max pushups did not improve dramatically. I got 68, as opposed to 64 before. I want to write this off to the fact that I was being extraordinarily strict on form when counting them, but who knows.

I'm doing the intervals, and alternating those days with lifting one of the big lifts, low rep and heavy weight. Still not used to that, and I guess I just feel better when I add something else like pullups or dumbbell swings, which I have been doing. The test is July 5. I will start another GTG cycle tomorrow, and really ramp up my situps and the intervals, while probably cutting out the weight work entirely. I'm thinking that July 2 I will do light pushups and go for a short and easy run and that will be the final training before the PT test.

Diet has been good. I have been doing ~15 hr fasts every day, training around 7pm, which falls in the middle of the eating period. Not really any noticeable weight/body comp changes since I began this most recent training regimen. Iíll be sure to post again before I leave to take the test.
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