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There's some motivating numbers here. Like others, these are more "stuff I've done" rather than true maxes. Also, I've never seriously trained in Olympic lifting, so I don't do snatches, jerks, or full cleans.

All weights in pounds, because I defy the metric system.

Age: 25 in 5 more days
Bodyweight: 180

Back Squat (parallel): 285x8x2, I estimate ~315 for a max
Clean: ?
Clean Pull: 225 (to belt height)
Deadlift: 405
Front Squat: 225
Jerk: ? (I have push pressed 165x2)
Power Clean: 185 (this is shamefully low)
Power Snatch: ?
Snatch Pull: ?
Snatch: ?
Overhead Squat: 135 (only tried these a couple of times)
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