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June 20 2007 W

Rest Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fundmentals focused on scissors sweeps again and moved to scissors sweep to armbars. I worked with a trial guy and another newer white belt. Good training and a lot of fun to see someone new get excited.

Advanced focused on single leg takedowns for speed and 2 arm armbar. The 2 arm armbar is sneaky deadly. grip both of sleeves ligthly pull forward move feet to hips open wide then squeeze the knees tight around elbows. Keep knees tight and move feet over head, lock, lift hips and pull. OOOF! It is deadly tight. Grappled in a row with a new opponent every 3 minutes. I had two guys say oh no not you. I don't know if that is a compliment or if I enjoy rolling too much . I rolled with one of my nemesis who is a blue and weighs in over 250. If he gets you in side control he just smothers you. I pulled gaurd and kept him there for about 90 seconds, he passed went for side control and I got half guard. He almost had me in a straight armbar, but I was able to wriggle my arm back far enough to stop it. Lots of fun.
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