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Steve Shafley
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I guess I've just found that a more "whole" body lift works better than just stuff like a bench or a press.

I did quite well on the power clean and squat with an OLAD format, but not nearly as well with bench and press. I did it 4x weekly, and it was a very short and sweet workout.

Think about doing short stuff that encompasses the whole body.

Maybe a big "full body" movement coupled with an upper body movement like the press and chin (or weighted chin)

I'm thinking

Squat + Chin
Squat + Press
Clean or Power Clean + Press
Deadlift + Chin or Press

Etc...and you don't even need to do the OLs

Front Squat + Press or even thruster...I'm sure you can come up with as many as I can.

Not something that's going to add a lot of time to the whole thing, but just give you a greater, full body stimulus.

And, maybe every few weeks do the MetCon first, and train the heavy stuff in a fatigued condition (low skill lifts, please), just to throw a monkey wrench into the works.
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