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Altogether relatively well, though I came down with a nasty cold Sunday and Monday...recovering well-enough today, though, and feeling much better altogether. Eating a lot, but trying to keep it halfway healthy if at all possible I have a couple of days worth of workouts to update in my APK log, but the overall gist was that the lifts sucked, mood sucked, aches and pains sucked, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I think we lacked the 110% mentality that Poliquin was looking for, though it might have just felt lax because of the lack of mental drive towards the end. I also wanted to actually avoid the "100% concentric failure on every set" idea, as I'm not worried so much about getting huge as I am keeping up strength and breaking some plateaus that way.

I'll update once I finish this week and start in on our program next week.
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