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Default Robb, Greg need some advice...

I'm broke (don't try it!)

So I've done some math and found I can afford the following grocery list:
5kgs Lean Ground Beef
4 Dozen Eggs
1.7kg Beef Livers
1 jar of Horseradish

1497 total grams of protein.
48 total grams of carbs.

My daily protein requirement is at about 98 grams per day at my current activity level. I'm looking at doing the following for the sake of survival:

1 meal per day (at around 16:00hrs/4:00pm)
Lean Ground Beef - 250grams (50grams protein)
4 eggs - 200 grams (28grams protein)
Beef Liver - 106grams (21grams protein)

Total at 99grams Protein Works out pretty well. Now since I can't really afford any carbs I'm thinking that I'm just going to say screw it and try this out for the next 4 weeks because it will last me at least until the end of the month... Also since I'm limiting my activity for the next little bit in order that I recover fully from my incident with the fried chicken delivery car, the non existant carbohydrate level shouldn't kill me, I think, maybe.

I'm going to make some beef/liver & horseradish stew in my slow cooker and hard boil the eggs on the side.

Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, complaints, reasons to call me a nut go ahead and share. I am going to track my experiences as best I can and hopefully learn some valuable insights on diet and why money is important within the confines of western society....
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