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I must add that I've got a history of disordered eating. Disordered as it wasn't a true eating disorder, since I just didn't eat poorly because of wanting to lose fat/weight desperately, no I just didn't care about the food.

Only decades later I've diagnosed part of the reason: becoming both gluten- and dairy intolerant without knowing it. Since my mid-teens I've had food-related joint pain as well as GI discomfort. But most of all , I just am never really hungry until food gets into my mouth (or the scent of it into my nose).

So, yes IF is second nature. Considering however, how fast my body temperature drops upon being stressed, I really don't feel it would be a good idea to go with the prolonged fast periods.
For the record, this was confirmed mid-April when a full blood panel was done, and despite normal TSH & T4 values, my T3 was subrange. I wasn't even dieting very strictly at the moment. But indeed had already embarked this 'eat 2 meals/day 3-4 days/week' experiment.

Perhaps some of you can switch from the Fast-till-5 method to this one and share experiences about how different it feels.
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