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Originally Posted by Yvana van den Hork View Post
Anyone here who's doing IF by eating an early breakfast and a late night dinner with approx. 12 hrs of fasting in between?

Late 2006 I had good luck losing with 3 meals/day on a 10am/4pm/10pm schedule, but I wanted to try IF.
The Fast-till-5 was a disaster right away as I didn't feel hungry, as much as cold.
Unfortunately, I can't prove this with a decrease in body temperature, since I've only started measuring body temp after that trial.

This cold feeling went away when I decided to go for an approximately 12hr fast with breakfast at 10am and dinner at 10pm. When I was still eating 3 meals I would sometimes already spontaneously eat at 10am-8pm-10pm because appetite that would increase at 4pm would disappear spontaneously when I was too occupied to eat.

I'm still not 100% sure whether metabolism will not go down with 2 meals as opposed to 3 meals, as calorie intake also dropped for a bit on the 2 meals/day pattern.

BTW, I'm not doing IF on WO days, and have 5-6 meals on those days.

- who eats breakfast+late night dinner as well?
- have you tracked body temperature (objectively and/or subjectively) and noticed a difference?
I only eat once a day and have no problem with coldness.
I've only experienced coldness when I've tried low carb diet or fasting for more than 44 hours.
Intermittent Fasting - 22/2
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