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Depends on what you consider to be low-carb. And then , fasting = zero carb/protein/fats.

Interestingly, I've noticed when I took fish oil caps on their own during the fast that it warmed me up in a similar extent as protein can heat me up.

Excess carbs pre workout can either make my heart race and my head spin, or just very sleepy and have me forget the simplest things.

Avg carb intake is around 150-200g a day (mostly 35% of total calories) with 50-125g on IF-days and 150- sometimes over 400g on workout days.

After reading up on Michael Eades POV on leptin resistance and how lowcarbing can increase leptin sensitivity I'm going to try upping fats instead of mostly carbs on lifting days.

But I digress. It's a pity I never tracked body temperature during the Fast-til-5 experiment, since I've noticed that feeling hot not always equates to 'being' hot.
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