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Thursday 6/26/2007

Warm-Up Joints and Muscles and Feets

Bench: 200x6x2 165x9, 2
- the back off set with 185 was done rest-pause style
- definitely feels stronger than the last time I did 200

Body Rows: 3x10

Front Lever: 5 holds
- tuck position feels pretty good
- working on extending the legs to get to advance tuck

Barbell Curls: 95x3x1
- these irritated my wrist, so I terminated this set early
- go back to the 45 pound DB hammer curls

L-Sits: 5 holds
- held at parallel for as long as possible
- then held in a lazy-L, with legs extended but held low

The tuck front lever position feels solid, so I'm working on extending the legs gradually to get to an advanced tuck. I'm not there yet, but I can manage an extension to just short of 90 degrees for a few seconds. L-sits are still weak, but I'm working hamstring flexibility each day, and my hip flexors will get stronger with more practice on them.

I'm planning on attending a local adult gymnastics class, probably next week. I figured that I could get some of the basic bodyweight skills like handstands much faster if I have some decent coaching. If you have any tips on getting along in a gymnastics class, feel free to share.
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