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Wednesday June 27 2007

Got up at 4:00 am and took the wife and kids to the airport for their summer trip to IN and MI. They will be gone almost 3 weeks. I hate when they go because I can't go with them but I will probably fly up for at least 1 long weekend.

7:30 Private with Brian BJJ

We worked on submissions from the mount that all started with a palm up gi choke. Once the first hand is in the gi then attack the opposite side arm and get it pushed across the body. First attack wrist lock. Second attack 100% armbar. Third attack cross gi choke if they pull their arm back through. Fourth attack Carlos Gracie Jr armbar. Fifth attack fist in throat choke. Sixth attack ezekiel. That is a stinking lot of attacks. I can't wait to get to mount Friday night to try them out.
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