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Catherine Imes
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Been a while since I did any barbell lifts..but from what I can recollect...

Age: 35
Bodyweight: ~185
Back Squat: 315lbs X 2 (5 yrs ago)
Clean: Never did squat cleans.
Clean Pull:
Deadlift: 275lbs X5 (Never really maxed this when I was deadlifting)..Before you question why my deadlift was < squat (haha)..I didn't start deadlifting until 7 years ago. I remember squatting (Not full squats by any means...) 3 plates when I was in HS
Front Squat: 190
Jerk: 160lbs out of the rack.
Power Clean: 140lbs
Power Snatch: 115lbls
Snatch Pull: ?
Snatch: ?
Overhead Squat: 125lbs( when I used to do them on a reg basis)
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