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Originally Posted by Yvana van den Hork View Post
The usual coconut cinnamon omelette , except that it didn't have apple slices or raspberries but dried cranberries in it. Yum!

Hmmm cranberries are good for omelettes. High ORAC value! It was a good thing after all that the Elstar apples I prefer for omelettes are no longer unavailable. Buying Pink Lady apples for treats and using all kind of other foods to put in the omelette instead.

Just loaded up on caffein with a mug of coffee w cocoa, pc of chocolate and 200mg of caffein PLUS a couple of CrEE tabs and I'm off to the gym.

Last FL2B workout coming along.
Yvana, that sounds like quite a nice breakfast. How would you rate that omelette?
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