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Originally Posted by John Alston View Post
Yvana, that sounds like quite a nice breakfast. How would you rate that omelette?
It's something I've been having for a breakfast since about 6 months and never grown tired of it. Mostly with an apple though.
It's really the perfect pre-workout breakfast. Since I've switched to working out at 6pm, I've made it into a late afternoon meal since there was nothing that could beat it. Probably the combination of fruit, eggs and coconut. Fruit for some more liver glycogen , coconut for MCT fats and eggs for lasting energy?
Not entirely sure what effect the cinnamon has but it's a good addition for diabetics. I was just using it because it's awesome with apples and kept using it because of that other property.

Raspberries are really awesome and I've even only tried frozen ones. Still need to try other berries.
Bananas are too high glycemic to be a good choice, unless it's a small one (or half a banana)
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