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Made a really interesting observation yesterday. I had my old favourite breakfast of veggie soup with egg & pollock plus coconut as well as the usual coffee. I was just fine throughout the day but started craving carbs later on, probably because of driving, which seems to burn through more carbs than one realizes because of the higher brain activity (constantly paying attention to traffic and sudden incidents).

I was noticing that I probably needed some extra carbs because my thinking slowed down for a bit and I got a bit of foggy eye vision. Something that would frequently happen late 2006 when I was dieting and then doing morning HIIT sessions with relatively few carbs. Nearly always woke up with tingling fingers. Which apparently was carpal tunnel syndrome, but symptoms were gone once I upped the carbs.

In the last few days the tingling reappeared when I'd lowered them for a bit after pigging out too much..

Around 6pm when I was visiting people, I had a kaki/sharonfruit and then this little piece of fruit satisfied me so much I only had dinner close to midnight which actually had quite a bit of carbs from basmati rice.

And guess what happened? I woke up twice at 4 am and 5am totally thirsty from not drinking enough and too much salt and craved carbs so badly I had OJ and when that was gone even 2 big glasses of lemonade. I can't even recall ever having pigged out in the midst the night in over 5 years.

Makes me wonder how carb craved you get from driving? I've had this insane craving for carbs when driving happening more often now. On my latest long drive (6-8 hrs total, I forgot) I ate my 2 meals (breakfast & dinner) but had about 50-60g of carbs just from hard candy. Then I was just fine. No cravings later on. I've started to treat driving as 'slow cardio' and hence readjusted carb requirements for it. Apparently i was spot on here, considering the nightly carb 'binge'

There are 2 possible reasons for why it is so draining to drive:
- traffic where I live is really intense and you have to watch your 'back' literally all the freaking time! On the motorway because of really extremely agressive driving and inside cities because of complex roads and lots of slow traffic
- having problems with eyes, viz. squinting = getting 2 different signals in, which requires more effort to focus and judge distances than for most.
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