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I basically followed his recommendations, though a few things were different; Surge pre/and post workout as usual, Post workout creatine, supplemental protein. BCAA's didn't come in the mail until the end of the first week, but after that we took them to the tune of 40g per workout. I never met the protein or calorie recommendations but I actually gained 5lb over two weeks, which I attribute to the BCAA's. Lots of Flameout, usually 6-8 caps a day as I had run out of Carlson's to make up the difference.

As a quick update, did a ME deadlift on Thursday of last week and went from 375 to 405 myself (which was my old max before foot surgery) while Will went from 325 to 395. Not a bad increase for 2 weeks worth of work. Snatches this morning were strong too, though not terribly heavy at 125 for 3x3. That's not bad considering I can't remember exactly the last time I did full Olympic Snatches.

Some random Parkour training yesterday felt stronger and faster than usual, though some nagging injuries are still keeping me away from 100% during dynamic movements. I'll update some more as this week goes along and I get a better feel for some of the changes.
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