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Question BJJ and Training

I have read a whole ton of info on this topic here and at several different forums and I am trying to put together a plan for strength and GPP training that complements my BJJ.

I am not a MMA competitor. I train BJJ 2 - 3 times a week when I am in town (I travel with my job and don't always know when I will be home or gone). Some days I will go to the 11:00 am class and the 6:30 PM class (like today). I do Muay Thai at least once a week for additional training and because I love it.

My overall endurance is good and my strength has been improving. I am competent in the oly lifts. I have been doing xfit WOD's consistently for the last 9 months. I feel my largest area of weakness is in my strength.

I really liked the idea's shared in the thread on metcon and OLAD (DJ copyright duly noted ). I also loved the ideas in the complexes thread. I read Starting Strength and was toying with using that as a base for my strength work and suplementing with metcon. I guess the best part is that I found so many great things over the last couple of months that variety shouldn't be a problem.

I have an obsessive personality so I tend to overdo it on the training, I imagine I am not the only one like that on this board.. My concern is how to stagger or integrate my BJJ training with my strength and GPP work. I am trying to decide how to classify the BJJ training in regards to work and recovery. I go hard in class and when I am done I am soaked in sweat but I am not exhausted or overly sore the next day.

I have tried to be as complete as I can and if anyone needs additional information I will gladly respond. Based on the ideas thrown around I am willing to share my results with on the board for everyones use.

Thanks in advance for the ideas.

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