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Frank Needham
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Haven't updated in quite a while due to lack of time and committment. Anyways, I sure do appreciate all of you who post regularly as the posts are mostly very informative and have helped me very much.

Currently my workouts are a mix of SS and metcon on an alternating basis. Something like SS/metcon/SS/metcon/SS one week and changed up the next for 2 SS sessions and 3 metcons.

Just took a one week break and came back today and did the following at 8:30am/90 degrees for 36 minutes:

For 3 rounds:
run 1/3 mile crushed granite track
15 dips (the park has hip high parallel bars)
5 pistols each leg
9 ghd situps (yes the park nearby has a ghd!)
12' rope climb (and the park has a rope climb)
8 pullups kipped
20 second handstand against a tree

I've been working out now for 10 months after roughly 8 years of doing nothing but being in poor health and, of course, deconditioned. So, I'm really high on even the mediocre training I'm able to do at this time. Another year or two and it is possible I'll surpass my conditioning of years gone by when I regularly ran, swam, lifted, biked, hiked, skiied, etc.
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