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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
I like how you worked the complexes in. I hadn't seen what Robb does with his clients before and it looks like a great warm up. I will do it and let you know what I think.
In the PM article talking about training the fighter, Robb said for strength they did the ring dip, pullup, deadlift circuit and I know on here he said he does it with other clients as well. It is done after a warmup or sometimes even after everything else.

3-5 sets of each exercise, 2-3 reps per set, 1 minute rest between each exercise. For the fighter, Robb did the first 2 weeks with the ring dips and pullups with no weight but then added weight after that. I started with bodyweight on the deadlift and am ramping up the weight slowly as I'm trying to fix one of my deadlift issues (hyperextending rather than hip extension). He also changes the stuff around so one day maybe 5 sets of 2 and the next time 3 sets of 9. I've been doing just the ring dips and pullups for a few weeks and only recently added the deadlifts in.

Sidenote: I think you were suppose to be coming into DC area in July?
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